January 6th, 2003

MST3K - fish


Well, so my "longer update" is waaay later. I'm starting to think that each of my entries is going to start off with "Sorry I haven't updated in forever, but..." etc.

Well, I've seen LotR:tTT twice in the past 2 weeks. I'm trying to memorize the Elvish used in it. The only part I can remember is "Aragorn, nan nues" or something like that, that Legolas says in Fangorn.

I can't wait to see "Just Married". It stars Christian Kane, for cryin' out loud! I also have to see "Crooked E", ya know, the Enron movie. CK's in that too.

Okay, Christmas officially ruled. I got another reote controlled car, a Leveler! It rocks!!! he wheels go all sideways an' stuff!!!

NEway, New Year's Eve day, me an' Joe went to Gimme Anime, and I finally got another Kodomo no Omocha! Of course, it's #10, and completely in Japanese, but hey! I also got a YYH DVD and a Ribon magazine, in Japanese also.

Well, I started reading my special, all 3-in-1 LotR book, but when I went to clean off my bed, I found "A College of Magics", by Caroline Stevermer. It reminds me of a Diana Wynne Jones book, it really does! I also _really_ need to reread GoF.

G2G now, Joe-chan no baka is pestering me for my "Chipmunks Roasting on an Open Fire" CD. Ciao!
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