January 16th, 2003

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Hello world. I live.

Well, sorta.

I had my World Lit and Algebra exams today, and can't stop thinking in Odyssey form. Me and Kat also had a 10 minute convo on finding a linear equation with only a point in the line and the equation of a line that's perpindicular to it. A quote:

Kat: It helps if you put it in standard form.
Me: Aw, but I like slope-intercept form, ya know, y=mx+b. I _hate_ Ax+By=C!

Yes, that _is_ an _actual_ convo we had. I worry sometimes. Thankfully, we then moved onto to talking about Buffy fics. We later came up with a sorta-songfic.

It's a Hogwarts reunion. Yeah, you're all thinking, "this has been done before". Well, welcome to Hogwarts Reunioun, Class of 1938.


Ravenlaw 6th year Terry Boot is chosen as DJ fo the "party". Many esteemed guests arrive, such as:

Morana and Ruaidhri Snape, Severus Snape and Selene Sinistra's parents.
Branwen Kay, Arthur Weasley's mother.
Ceridwen Llyr, Lucius Malfoy's mother.

Of course, Arthur sends Ron, Charlie, and Ginny along to make sure grandma didn't kill anyone, and Lucius (thinking the same thing) sent along Draco and Draco's Charlie-age brother, Ryuujin.

And, of course, not only do Branwen and Ceridwen, the two who started the Malfoy/Weasley fued, start brawling, so do Charlie and Ryujin. Draco merely taunts Ron, until Ron turns him into a ferret. Then Draco turns Ron into a fox and levitates him into the rafters of the great hall (everyone from Metro area, CO, think of the Great Hall looking like Park Meadow's food court).

Meanwhile, Terry Boot is playing a certain song, which quickly gets on Ginny's nerves, and so she attacks him. Professor Dumbledore watches this, smiling happily. Pro McGonagall stares openmouthed at her former yearmates and thier grandchildren.

Snape would have been watching and cheering Ceridwen/Ryuujin/Draco on, but he's too busy being chewed out by Morana and Ruaidhri about not being married yet.

Sidenotes, by Lee:
I won't be updating anything for 5 days. I leave in 6 hours for Florida to see my dying grandpa, and won't be back until late Monday night.

And now, I should go. Ciao.
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MST3K - fish

STUPID ------!!!!

Alright, ya know how I said I was getting off? I lied. My melatonin (sleeping pills) don't kick in for a half hour, and good luck trying to get me to fall asleep til then! I haven't read many fanfics in the past few days. I've been RPing in Ansible MOO as Verris Aegeon. I come up with the weirdest names sometimes. Oy...

And now for a rant:

ARRRGH!!!!!!!!!! STUPID ------!!!! (name blanked out so noone can blackmail me). Come ON! We've gone to school together since I moved here 5 _YEARS_ ago, you'd think he'd notice that I like him! I know! It's all that lacrosse, it's rotted his mind! That must be it! Okay, so not. GRRR!

Question: How would you let a guy know you like him, when you have no confidence what-so ever and are pretty sure he thinks of you in the same "affectionate" way you feel to mentally handicapped 3 year olds? If you know the answer, _TELL ME_!! Please!

And I _REALLY_ should go now before I fall asleep on the keyboard. Sayoonara.
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