January 30th, 2003

MST3K - fish

On El Dorado, benches, teeth, and pools

Long time, no update, eh? Lots has happened since I last wrote. I've started Scuba/Snorkeling, drawn some pictures, written some songfics, and made a list of pros and cons for the guys I like. It's weird, intellectually, the best choice is the boy I've known since 4th grade, but...

Oh well.

BTW, interestingly enough, I'm losing a permanant tooth cause a new permanant tooth is growing in. I'm like a shark. Wicked...

Alright, about the benches part of the subject. School is just let out, right? I'm standing in the bus line (gods, what are we, elem schoolers?) and the security guard moves our line on to the other side of another line. So I'm running over there, trying to be fast enough to improve my line position. So I'm not really looking where I'm going, so, at full speed, I slam into a bench. Needless to say, PAIN!

Now, El Dorado... That'd be my guitar. Yes, I named my guitar. And yes, I named it El Dorado. My mom wanted me to name it Gerdie. She has problems.

~Calypso, my laptop
~El Dorado, my guitar
~Mongoose, my bike
~Squeegee, my snowboard
~Garlic Jazz, my TV/game tuner for my GBA
~Naozumi, my silver trumpet.

Don't ask about my name.
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