April 18th, 2003

MST3K - fish

Sylvan and ships

Dude! I just heard "The Anthem" on a Kids Choice Awards commercial! Sweet!!!

Anyway, much has happened since my last update. My 150lb psychotic dog escaped. But we got him back about 15 mins later. I got CoS on DVD, and love it! I've also watched the new Buffy and Angel eps, and must say

Poor Xander!!!

Also, tomorrow I get to go to Sylvan at 8am! Why? To have 5 hours of testing to see what I have. Like, ya know ADD, OCD, etc. Yay me.

You're also talking to the Captain of the SS Unknown Photographer, the Navigator on the HMS Once & Twice, and the Collector of Random Shiny Things on the SS Fire & Ice.

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