June 25th, 2003

MST3K - fish

W007 sandwiches.


Harry/Luna! Harry/Luna!
Snape/Tonks! Snape/Tonks!

W007! Sandwichy! *bounces*

So... Morgan and Lee are doing good, although quite hyper and a bit annoyed by Numbah 5.

Mainly 'cause Percy and Dray were jerks. And that's annoying. *makes pouty face*

So, I met Patrick, Jamesy's new Texan friend, on AIM. He's alright, good typer, although anime-clueless.

And have been talking to Andy constantly. He finished 5th book too, w007!

So, we're happy cupcakes.
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MST3K - fish


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Others think of you as being alert, intelligent, protective, and tragic.
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Scarily accurate.
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