July 17th, 2003

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Okies, I've downloaded the Segmagic LJ thingie, so no more having to bring up the page to post! Aren't ya'll happy?

Right then.

I've also just woken up.

Note to self: Do not stay up until 5 AM working on fanart ever again. Aforementioned picture is finished, in color, and awaiting my mum's permission to scan onto her computer.

Oh, crap. I forgot. Her laptop is broken. Shit. I'm screwed. Oh well.

The picture is of the "Ravenclaw 3" as I call them in my mind. Y'know, Michael Corner, Anthony Goldstein, and Terry Boot? How they always go everywhere together in OotP? So yeah, I drew them. Thier faces are funky, and Mike's robes are really screwy. You also can't see Mike's Ravenclaw badge or Tony's Prefect badge very well. Terry's not wearing his robes, so no worries about that.

Now. I'm gonna go to HHP and see whom I can harass today. Ciao!
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MST3K - fish

O.W.L. work in 1st year?


No one's on....

That makes me mad!

What makes me madder is that people are on and not posting! *kills non-posty people*

Plus, we've got 5 feet of parchment on why you should pay attention in Charms class, another foot on a situation where the deflecting charm would be handy, and five and a half feet on the importance of caution while in greenhouses in Herbology. Oy vey. At least there's no work in Transfiguration. DAtDA hasn't even started yet, and Potions is still running. So we'll probably have homework there too.

What is this, O.W.L.s?! We don't have any 5th years!

Oh well.

And does anyone else find me rather pathetic for ranting about homework in a RP?

Sigh... I wish Andy was on. Then we could RP the heck out of HHP. But of course, he isn't. Baka... *kicks repeatedly*

Right then. I'll be going now...
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MST3K - fish

Fonts You Can't see...

Okay, I'm typing in anew font. You just can't see it. W007, huh? I'm writing this entire thing in Lumos, but it won't show up that way...

That makes me sad. But too bad!

Oh, I've decided I'm going to upload "The Unfinished Works of Leevee" onto FFN. All of those little one-page stories are going on there, the one's I'll never finish. If ya want it, just tell me where it's going. You can continue off of what I have, no probs. Just let me know, damnit!

Kay then.
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MST3K - fish


Kay, here's a chat me an' Andy had today...

Boogiefoo Mind (2:54:33 PM): HA! I WIN! I beat the AIM download! I made it throoough!
Otakulee (2:54:41 PM): W007!
Boogiefoo Mind (2:55:10 PM): *dancedancedance*
Otakulee (2:55:15 PM): lol.
Otakulee (2:55:46 PM): I made you a siggy!
Boogiefoo Mind (2:56:38 PM): I know. Ish cool. I'll ask for the permission later, tho'.
Otakulee (2:56:44 PM): Yeah
Boogiefoo Mind (2:57:27 PM): This computer's so SLOW.
Otakulee (2:57:33 PM): Stupid Headmaster *kicks repeatedly* APPROVE MY SIG!
Boogiefoo Mind (2:58:12 PM): He doesn't like me. -__-;;
Otakulee (2:58:18 PM): lol.
Boogiefoo Mind (3:11:22 PM): I'm back!
Otakulee (3:11:31 PM): I'm front!
Boogiefoo Mind (3:11:49 PM): *rolls eyes*
Otakulee (3:11:56 PM): Hah!
Boogiefoo Mind (3:13:14 PM): http://the-demesnes.net/hhp/phpBB/viewtopic.php?t=2262&sid=fc5c5b6a3b41bc4fdb8de5998ec630dc I'm so scared of this. 0_0 Plus I hate Ashton Kutcher.
Otakulee (3:13:23 PM): Oh, yes.
Otakulee (3:14:06 PM): Yeah, that's what Hufflepuffs do. Scared yet?
Boogiefoo Mind (3:14:19 PM): Uh-huh/.
Otakulee (3:14:25 PM): lol
Boogiefoo Mind (3:29:00 PM): I've returned.
Otakulee (3:29:06 PM): Lol.
Boogiefoo Mind (3:30:25 PM): Did you join Pokémon Revolution?
Otakulee (3:30:39 PM): Not yet
Boogiefoo Mind (3:31:01 PM): I'm Averill. His name is teh sucks, tho'.
Otakulee (3:31:11 PM): lol
Boogiefoo Mind (3:41:32 PM): http://www.sluggy.com/daily.php?date=020915 XD
Otakulee (3:44:57 PM): .....mer.....
Boogiefoo Mind (3:45:08 PM): I luff Sluggy.
Otakulee (3:49:52 PM): Good for you.
Boogiefoo Mind (3:50:35 PM): What do you wanna talk about?
Otakulee (3:50:43 PM): Dunno. Stuff?
Boogiefoo Mind (3:51:00 PM): Okay.
Boogiefoo Mind (3:51:05 PM): XD
Otakulee (3:51:43 PM): Hmm...
Otakulee (3:52:33 PM): I'm making an RPG
Boogiefoo Mind (3:52:44 PM): Cool. What about?
Otakulee (3:53:24 PM): Hogwarts, o'course
Boogiefoo Mind (3:53:37 PM): XD
Otakulee (3:53:50 PM): It's a future thing
Boogiefoo Mind (3:54:07 PM): Okay,.
Otakulee (3:54:12 PM): Voldie's dead, but dementors and demons roam about killing people
Boogiefoo Mind (3:54:26 PM): Ack.
Boogiefoo Mind (3:54:29 PM): Not OK.
Otakulee (3:54:33 PM): lol
Otakulee (3:55:21 PM): Dark Millennium Hogwarts
Otakulee (3:55:50 PM): I'm still workin on it
Boogiefoo Mind (3:56:05 PM): Okey.
Boogiefoo Mind (4:02:32 PM): I wanna get a "DON'T PANIC!" towel.
Otakulee (4:02:39 PM): lol
Boogiefoo Mind (4:03:42 PM): http://www.zz9.org/
Otakulee (4:05:56 PM): I gotta go.
Boogiefoo Mind (4:06:07 PM): :-( Bye.
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