July 21st, 2003

MST3K - fish

Charter: Categorizing

Alright. I'll be doing another new thing, in the hopes to become somewhat organized. Post will now be categorized in the subject line. Here are the terms I'll be using, and what they mean:

Book Wanderings: Rants/posts about books I've read
Healerguild: Posts about injury/illness
Beasting Guild: Posts about animals
Farseeker Guild: Posts about other people's fics
Teknoguild: Posts about electronics
Coercer Guild: Posts about my fics/fic ideas
Futuretell Guild: Posts about my life
Guildmerge: A long rant incorporating at least two of the above
Gypsy Caravan: Quiz stuff

Note I got the names from Obernewtyn. Yes, it is an obsession. Anything dealing with the LJ itself, such as this, will be categorized as Charter.
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MST3K - fish

Gypsy Caravan

You'll marry Severus Snape. Many people seem to
have something for the dark and mysterious
mans... well I can understand you.... he is
sexy isn't he? *looks at the pic*...

Which HOT male adult in HP are you most likly to marry?
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Erm... I'm happy an' all, but still...

You're Kaoru Kamiya!
You're the assistant master of the Kamiya Kasshin
style. You secretly love Kenshin but are too
afraid to tell him. Too bad he's in love with

Which Rurouni Kenshin character are you? (for girls)
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Uh, yay?

Violence can solve anything
You know those people you see on T.V who murder
someone and there's lots of blood and the body
has been pulverized? And they get caught and on
the murder trial they plead insanity? Yep,
that's you.

What kind of crazy are you?
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You are METALLICA. This awesome band is still
kickin' after all these years. \m/

*Which One Of My Favorite Bands Are You?*
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...I'm leaving now...

You are a Stormy Day. You are timid and calm but
when your loved ones are concerned you break
loose and show them what you think. You are
strong when it comes to fighting, but you may
break down as well. You are sort of a
combination of all weather. You can be
emotional, cold, afraid, moody, and
dellusional. Grab at what is right, and
remember to only fight for that.

What type of day are you?
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I knew it. I knew it.
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