July 28th, 2003

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You're a Slytherin. Smart, sneaky and just a touch
evil you have just been sorted into the house
from which the Death Eaters all come. Long live

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I took the fruity fruit quiz

made by rav-chan

Check out which fruit you are

Heehee. This brings back Houshin Engi memories. "I don't know what I am..." "You're a lotus flower!"

And now, my name:

Meagan is the #705 most common female name.
0.015% of females in the US are named Meagan.
Around 19125 US females are named Meagan!
source namestatistics.com

Lee is the #341 most common female name.
0.051% of females in the US are named Lee.
Around 65025 US females are named Lee!
source namestatistics.com

Anne is the #85 most common female name.
0.228% of females in the US are named Anne.
Around 290700 US females are named Anne!
source namestatistics.com

Bailey is the #60 most common last name.
0.115% of last names in the US are Bailey.
Around 287500 US last names are Bailey!
source namestatistics.com

...*wails* I'm so common!

Y'know what? I dun care.
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MST3K - fish

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Ruston finally has been accepted at Marneons! And, no less, as a Spirren! Which is the equivalent to Slytherin.

Which I find interesting. The following is his personality. It's exactly like mine. Except for the fact that I'm an only child.

[Personality] Rush gets relatively good scores in school, although he hates studying (he's rather of the opinion that as long as you pay attention and aren't an idiot, there's no reason to study). He's extremely loyal, not just to his friends, but also to anything he considers himself a part of, including his school and hometown.

Though he has a quick temper, Rush doesn't really show it. Instead he bottles up his anger (not a good idea) until he's alone. Then he'll lash out and beat up a poor defenseless wall. Usually breaking a bone or two in his hand.

The main factor of his personality and dealings with others is his pride. He believes what he thinks is right in the grand scheme of things and feels a need to impose his way upon others. He'll argue over a meaningless point until he can make his opponent agree to his side. He'll pursue them if they move away or even if they leave, exasperated at his bull-headedness. In Rush's mind, success is not an opponent giving up; it is an opponent defecting to his side.

For all of his seeming arrogance and egotism, Rush has (cliché as it may sound) self-esteem issues. He needs constant reassurance and praise for his accomplishments, and becomes withdrawn and quiet when people ignore him or accuse him of bragging.

In his mind, there isn't an idea he can't improve upon, or a person he can't whip into shape. He prides himself on being a discriminating perfectionist, but everyone else sees him as a royal pain in the arse. He is often misjudged because of his perfectionist attitude. Truth is, he never expects more of others than he is willing to give.

He's the type of brother who will paint a large stripe down the center of a bedroom and tell his sister to never step foot on his side. He arranges his room in a sort of haphazard order, where it looks like a tornado hit, but he can find everything easily. If you dare to organize his room, he'll yell at you for hours, and then give you the silent treatment for a few days.

Also factoring into his personality is his history. Which is even weirder... And thankfully, nothing like mine.

[Brief History] The Gordie family, called eccentric politely, and down right insane plainly, can date their wizarding blood back to Charlemagne. Although they don't. More important to the Gordies then ancestry, or money, or even fame, is being a pain in the arse to the Ministry. But they don't resort to Dark Arts ("if you use your imagination, the Dark Arts become quite plain and boring!" was the motto of Hannah Gordie, arrested repeatedly for setting her hair on fire, stripping, and running about the Minister's office while singing 'I'm a Little Teapot' loudly). Members of the family are spread throughout every career imaginable, from Quidditch to teaching to reporting to positions in the Ministry (much to everyone's dismay).

Other than dear ol' Granny Hannah, the other major "crime" committed recently by one of the family was that of Ceirwan Gordie, Rush's older brother, who took a Polyjuice potion to turn him into the American Minister of Magic before dressing in drag and going to a rock concert he was to report on. He was charged with 'impersonation of a public official', although this did nothing but increase his reports' popularity.

Rushton, at 13, hasn't had the chance to do much yet in his career as Ministry-hassler, except for a minor case involving a flood of chickens. He did however, with the help of his sister Elspeth, manage to get himself expelled from their American school. The Department of Magic representative refused to comment on the exact reasons, except to mumble something about cheese, flying pigs, and electricity. Neither Rush nor Elspeth will tell the tale, so it shall forever be a mystery.

Rush's personal history is rather straightforward and simple. Two older siblings, one two years older and one nine years older, no younger siblings, a few family pets, a father who teaches Muggle Studies, and a mother who works in the Experimental Charms Division. With parents always on the run (or the slither, in one case with a water charm gone wrong), he was raised mainly by the nanny, Ceirwan, and random books he stumbled across. You can probably attribute any personality defects to his upbringing and family. And on some of the rather questionable books he wandered across.

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