September 14th, 2003

MST3K - fish

Quiz. Dude.

fierce strongwilled angry
You scare people sometimes with your temper. For
god's sake try to calm down sometime before you
give yourself a hernia.

How do people see you?
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*deadpan* Gee, how'd I know.

Bye now. In a minute (or day, whatev), I'll post my new Sorting Quiz.

And now, we shall all drool over Goren. *drool*
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MST3K - fish

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Slytherin! Good for ya, best house there is! What
does this mean? That you've got a lazy who-
could-care-less attitude. You're the type who
would go evil and try to take over the world
simply for the challenge. Or 'cause you're
bored. Whatev. Who cares.

-Voldemort. Aka Tom Riddle, aka Moldie Voldie, aka
He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. Ooo, evil.
-Draco Malfoy. Aheheheh... Proclaimed "sex-
god" of the fanon world.
-Severus Snape. Another fan favorite, surprisingly.
Must be the Alan Rickman factor.
-Blaise Zabini. Renowned as He/She-Who-We-Know-

ANOTHER Harry Potter Sorting Quiz. Yes, Another. Deal.
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Booyah. Ya'll take the quiz NOW, kay?