November 19th, 2003

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Schedule, To-Do, Other Junk

Now that I am done with my monthly break-down, I can get back to things that matter. Like being snarky to Mr. Jones when he tells me to close my book, and unplugging Eric's mouse and keyboard from his computer. And deciding that, should I ever have a duck, I shall name him Wadsworth. Dorian will name hers Aksum, and Eric would name it after his dear girlfriend.

BCA is an interesting class. Scratch that. It's a damn boring class, done only for the credit and to keep me from having three seminars. But it's an interesting group of people, I'll give you that much.

And the next time Greg scoots his rolly chair past, I believe I shall kick him. He keeps using my table as a push off point, and it's going to make my binder fall.

Anywho, things to do today:

1: Get at least 10K done for NaNo. I am so damn far behind.
2: Go to Sylvan for two hours and not, I repeat not, kill anyone. Or "disrupt their learning experience". Might pretend to be bipolar, just for the hell of it.
3: Reread chapter 10 of "Their Eyes Where Watching God". Find a fun way to explicate it.
4: Tape Angel
5: Start prewriting for English essay
6: Do Spanish work for the morrow
7: Do World Civ essay on Great Zimbabwe that was due last week

And that's all.

Let's see... Number 2 is non-negotiable, number 1 I really need to do, number 3 can wait, number 4 shouldn't take longer than a mo, 5 can be put off, ditto with 6. 7 I need to do, if only so my mum doesn't get mad.

So, schedule.

8:05am - 2:43pm: School
2:45pm - 4:00pm: Track Meeting (winter conditioning)
5:00pm - 7:00pm: Sylvan
And I need to be asleep by 10:00pm. Leaving about three hours. Damn it.

So, GZ essay first. Then I can work on NaNo for a bit. And I might be able to the GZ essay at Sylvan, if I play my cards right. SO, not as bad as previously thought.

Sigh. My NaNo is going too slow. Estimates say that at this rate, I'll be done late Febuary. Well, I'll just have to forget about plot, spelling, grammar, and flow, and just write, write my little heart out.

And for those who do not know, my NaNo is at nnwm_novel

And I might just tell Tom how I feel, so I don't have to worry over that, either. Any suggestions how to tell a guy, who's your friend, that you like him?
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MST3K - fish

Cenel Stuff

Well, some issues with my earlier list: I'm sick, damn it. And am waiting for Tom to get online so that I may speak at him about, well, you all know.


So, Cenel talks to himself. And Morgan talks to people who aren't there. Why do I always end up making my characters insane? AND it's impossible to tell which is more like me. I mean, Morgan has my temper, randomosity, and general inane brattiness, but Cenel has my bookiness, my shyness, and my habit of talking to myself in my head. Oh, and he's an only child, who's dad is a workaholic, and who's mum has a job, but just a small one, and he's been basically raised by her.

He still ends up being alone in the house a lot, leading him to talk to himself (and the dog) to fill the silence.

So, now we have the basis of Cenel's personality. Yay.
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MST3K - fish

Back to my usual...

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Speaking of, where did I put my GBA-SP? Dang it.


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Last couple of times I've taken this, it came out with Leo. But Tom is a Taurus, I'm pretty sure.


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Well, I'm not into the self-mutilation thing. I dislike pain intensely.

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Yay. I'm a con man. *waves little flags about*

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Well, damn. Meagan Bailey, there's a name to strike fear into the hearts of men.
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