November 20th, 2003

MST3K - fish

I art a moron

Well, I sent an e-card to Tom. Yup. So... I'm screwed. Yup. I don't really care at this point and anyway, he prolly won't check his mail for a week or two.

Even so, I'm screwed.

Oh well, had to happen sometime. And I sent the cheesiest e-card ever made. Yup, sure did.

And I can't get that stupid Rushlow song out of my head. It's very rarely that a song fits my love life (or lack-thereof) so perfectly. And it's such a good song.

"You can run to me, you can laugh at me,
Or you can walk right out that door.
But I can’t just be friends anymore."

Mmm-hmm. Right then. So, off to Spanish in a couple of mins, then to World Civ (I really need to do that Great Zimbabwe essay...)
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    Rushlow -- "I Can't Be Your Friend"
MST3K - fish


"Some Joint Budget Committee members suggested Monday it may be time to drop the 12th year of classes now offered in Colorado's schools and replace them with a new year of preschool."
Read the story!

Hell yeah!

On the newscast, this one person said, "Four year olds aren't ready to leave their mothers, and neither are sixteen year olds." And so I shouted at the TV, "I started when I was 4, and I'll leave at 16, and I ain't got no problems!"

Mebbe I ain't the best example, eh?

"Teenagers. Set them free. If they come back, then they're probably hungry."
-- Cell phone commercial
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