December 12th, 2003

MST3K - fish

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You like you're men with a little fire in them, and
he's the most firey guy you've ever met. He
acts like he hates women, but he's just looking
for the right one. You'd do Tasuki!

Which Fushigi Yuugi bishi would you sleep with?
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...Well, duh.

By the way, folks, I made a Nerd Troika music vid, to New Found Glory's "My Friends Over You". It worked surprisingly well, and you all could look at if I could just get it to save right. It keeps saving as smaller than it was, with red 'X's appearing at every point where I adjusted the video. It pisses me off, it does it does. But I'll post the lyrics, so you may imagine the video!

Collapse )

So, yeah. Also, a big welcome to katsu_eris, my friend Dorian from CTHS. And outsane_dragon7, or Sam from Smoky, who needs to make a post or face my wrath. Anywhosawhatits, I fear the lack of new Angel episodes (and continued lack until January 14th) has made me relapse to Criminal Intent fic reading, a bad thing because then when I'm off the computer, and making stories in my mind, I can't cuz I'm not smart enough to write Bobby's thoughts! *cries*

Lunch time!
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MST3K - fish

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