January 4th, 2004

MST3K - fish


Anyone else think that the Fairly Oddparents episode "Most Wanted Wish" is quite a bit like "Superstar" (outside of Cosmo's rock fetish)?

Oh, great, now I'll be forever thinking of Jonathan as wearing a little pink hat. Greeeeat...
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MST3K - fish


John Cusak rocks. Majorly. It rocks completely. And so does the movie Say Anything.

Which was made the year I was born. Oi.
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MST3K - fish


DAMN IT! THE EVIL BISHOP-MONSTER IS BACK!!! Or, y'know, will be, I meant. I thought she was in for six eps only? Damnit all, Goren needs a good partner pronto!

Goren went off in one of his usual half sentences rants, Bishop goes 'I don't understand', Goren says 'Eames would have', Bishop says 'I don't understand, what do you want me to do?', he says 'Let him go and tell him sorry' (in reference to the suspect they had hauled in). She goes OS, Goren sits down and stares at Eames' chair, the camera is aimed at over Eames' chair looking at Goren, Goren balls up a piece of paper and throws it angrily at the chair (in the BG you can see Bishop giving him an odd look as she slowly sits down), then Bobby turns to Bishop and says something and goes 'He misses his partner.' (in relation to the case.

And at the end, he gets texted that Eames' baby is seven pounds, eight ounces and looks so happy!!!
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