January 11th, 2004

MST3K - fish

Gack. Yo.

Ooooo healthy! You're an apple!
What Snack Food are You? (With Cool Pics!!)

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Oh, great, now I'm hungry. But no, I shall wait until me mum an' I's usual "getting-sick-on-popcorn" fest for She Spies.

You're just a little snobby... at least for now.

Are You a Fic Snob?
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I think that means that I read more than two authors. I shift through all the crap on FFN to find the jewels of fics.

Cheers is funny. Yo.
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MST3K - fish


Shane, upon seeing Cross's Hannibal-esque cell: "Please don't tell me you've just eaten the guard's liver?"

Cross (after being asked if he had killed the chairman): "If I wanted to kill you, I could stab you in the heart with a ballpoint pen, slit your throat with an index card, or merely deliver a crushing blow to your nose to jam the bones into your brain. But I would never stab you in the back."
DD: *whispers* "All of this?" *gestures to the cell* "Beginning to make sense."
Cassie: "So, in a roundabout way, you're saying 'not guilty'?"

DD: "...and I can do a wicked impression of Weird Al!" *Cassie looks at her* "What? You've heard it."
Cassie: "I thought you were doing Tom Arnold."
DD: "Why would anyone do Tom Arnold?"

Hee. She Spies rocks. You should all watch, and become obsessed, and join the shippage of Cross and Cassie. Yo.

Cassie: *watching some barmaid people doing this slut dance* "I don't think my body bends like that..."
DD: "I don't think it's meant to..."
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