January 15th, 2004

MST3K - fish

The Apprentice and TV W/O Pity

Television Without Pity is my god. http://www.televisionwithoutpity.com/

I would have fired:

Sam, for just being intolerably weird - 55%
David, for trying to tackle the customers - 21%
Tammy -- rules, schmules - 16%
Kwame, because...fish market lemonade? - 6%
Troy, for being a very bad, very weird leader - 2%

I swear, I had a heart attack during the board meeting. I mean, whoa. Getting called in a second time, that's baaaad. And then, he stayed! And the fishmen rejoyced!!!! Or, at least, I did. And did anyone else think that Sam looked adorable when he was sleeping? I was all "AWWW! CUTE!" Although, it was sad when Jason got fired. He was crying, poor kid (am ignoring fact that he is ten years older than me). I want one of the guys to win, screw 'grrrl power'!

WARNING!!! Extreme longness and all comments are from TV W/O Pity. I put them here because I must share them. Because the person who wrote them is awesome, and this is effing funny! Bolded items are, of course, Sam-centric ones.
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