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January 26th, 2004

MST3K - fish


Me, talking to myself about the Trio: "They're cute, and they're fun, and I love them, but they're kind of morons."

It sounds very funny with my dead voice and the odd tone I said it in, I swear.
MST3K - fish


"Where'd he learn to dance like that?"
"I dunno. Probably because he's gay."
"Oh. One of my moms is gay."
"Yeah. She can't dance well though. She did build our house."

Will & Grace rox my sox, yo.
MST3K - fish


"Jane on a school team. How sad. But wait. If she's the sad one, then why I am the one talking to myself?

And more importantly, why am I waiting for an answer?"

Daria is fun.

"Do you mind? This is a private conversation." Daria, to a girl who had closed her locker near her.

"Go. Go. Kick butt." Daria, cheering.

Daria is scarily like me. Should I be worried?
MST3K - fish


Mum: "Sam, Ross the Intern, and David Spade all on Leno?"
Me: "It's like 'neurotic freaks r us'!"
Mum: "Your favourite!"
Me: "Yep!" *grin*

I've trained her well.