February 2nd, 2004

MST3K - fish


Why is it that Wolfram & Hart has all the hot people? Not even mentioning Lindsey and Eve, yo.

I was looking through screencaps for pics for a sig, and came across one from Home that shows the five people who showed Angel Invest around the place. And damn! There was Lilah, of course, to show Angel about, and then that random hot chick to show Gunn around. Then there's the guys. Okay, Sirk wasn't PARTICULARLY handsome, but his devious Britishness makes him uber-hot. Then there's the little guy who showed Lorne around. Cute much?! And then, of course, there's Knox. The hot Knoxy-Knox.

"Oh, says he was fired. No, wait, was set on fire."

I'm so glad I'm using him for Neirin Conall's pics.
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    "We Used to Be Friends", the Dandy Warhols, yo.