March 9th, 2004

MST3K - fish

Tonight, Tonight, It's On Tonight

*sings that one song that's being used for the Apprentice* Ah, money. Ah, books. Ah, one more day until I take no more CSAPs ever ever again!

Low point: The last question in the first math section, which I left entirely blank.
High point: The essay prompt was to write about your hero. I wrote about Buffy and Xander, and I found out later that Joe wrote about Willow. Tom, predictably, wrote about Colin Powell. *rolls eyes*

And then, me mum took me to the wondermous book store! Ah, books, my one and only friends. *hugs* And I got two programming books, one on designing virtual worlds (okay, it's a lot more of a sociology book than anything, but oh well), and one on 'Game Programming for Teens'. Wouldn't it be so cool if I turned out to be good at this and became a game programmer? And I could even do it Japan, thanks to the fact I'm taking Japanese!

Also, the latest Gravitation and book one of 'Girl Got Game'. Oh yeah. This so rules. I have to go to the bathroom.


Oh, wait, another high point at CSAPs: Watching the Extreme Table Tennis tournament on ESPN during lunch. I really don't wanna know.
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