March 21st, 2004

MST3K - fish

I'm Bach. You're Mozart.

Well, I ended up spending the night over at Tom's, along with Zack and Nets. We talked about everything under the sun, shot off BB guns, Zack (who happened to be crippled from turning too fast during laser tag) became paranoid and thought that Tom's dog was going to kill him, and there were ghost stories that freaked us out, so I cowered behind Zack on the couch. It was fun. Me and Zack also were laying on our backs, staring at the ceiling fan for an hour or two. And I swear, that pizza was spiked! Why else would Zack laugh for about ten minutes because I called Tom a drug monkey?

Heh. I love parties with the Island.

Although, three straight games of laser tag? Not a good idea for someone as out of shape as me (I'm in shape! Round is a shape). I am so effing sore right now...
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MST3K - fish

The Apprentice Rules

From the official website:

What is your favorite Apprentice moment so far?

Omarosa's tearful boardroom breakdown
Troy and Heidi's attempt to sell modern art
Nick and Amy's "dirty dancing"
The women being chastised for too much sex in their sales
Any Sam moment is my favorite moment

Guess which I voted for?
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