April 5th, 2004

MST3K - fish

Song Stuck in my Head...

"All those times I've cracked/With no laugh track/And it wasn't funny like on television."

Stupid Less Than Jake with their addicting songs. Hee, my favourite CD of all time: Borders & Boundries.

Also, I CAN'T SPELL! Sue me.
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    "Bigger Picture" -- LTJ
MST3K - fish

Korman to Duff: a Four Step Program


Gordan Korman to Hillry Duff, in four easy steps:
Gordan Korman wrote a book whose cover featured Chris Johnston whose brother is Jamie Johnston who stars in a TV show called Wild Card. Also in the TV show is Yani Gellman, who was in the Lizzie McGuire movie with... Hillary Duff!

Damn, I'm good. Or have no life. Same diff.
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    "Is This Thing ON?" -- LTJ