September 29th, 2004

MST3K - fish

Lalala... Hm. Gotta love these cold drugs.

*bobs head to music* I love this CD. Thank you Pammy!

Trickster's Queen is an awesome, awesome book. I never realised how predisposed I was to spies (I still like samurai over ninjas, though). Anywho, gotta love rebellions. Even though they make me want to quote the Gundam Wing movie's bit like a cynic. Y'know, the waltz bit.

Yeah, I'm still sick. It sucks. My mum gave me her cell to call her if I need anything. Seriously, I don't think the cold medicine I'm taking is doing anything except wrapping my mind in gauze. I'm still sneezing and coughing up a storm. The coughs especially are confusing me, I took two cough suppresents, last night I went to bed with something that's supposed to control, and I'm sucking on Halls mentho-lyptus, and still I cough. Yeesh.
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MST3K - fish

Y'know, I think I want to change this layout. It begins to annoy.

Well, I'm feeling less clouded now. Possibly because I'm in the last hour or two of my medicine. Oh, Japanese is going to be fun.

I'm thinking of following a Kevin-trend. My friend, Kevin Bickett (the guy who would be my soul mate if he weren't a smoker and, y'know, gay), likes to change his "label" every couple of weeks. Like currently, he's going for prep (as in prep-school prep, not popular).

Now, I'm thinking of, in the spirit of Trickster's Queen, becoming one of those nice bland people. You know, the type that the most unpopular, picked on kids like working with in group projects, and who always have someone to sit with, but never seem to have a personality. I could, I dunno, gather information. Not piss people off like I do normally. No idea. Whatever, I just wanna do something different.

Also, a question I mean to phrase to Weissman tomorrow, is it really a mask if you assume it voluntarily, with the purpose of investigating? Hm... Hm indeed.

I'm going now. Because I'm still sick, and on meds, so I'm very odd right now. I think I may attempt writing some on Not My Fault, but I probably won't post anything (as I am now, who knows what insanity I may write!).
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MST3K - fish

What is this, drive Lee insane day?

My elbow keeps seizing up. Damnit. It's getting really, really annoying, and really, really distracting. Watch I pulled something with all the hacking I've been doing.

It's odd, really. From the last couple of posts, you people would assume I'm dying. Nope, I'm actually feeling quite fit, aside from hacking coughs, muscle seizures, and a runny nose. It's like the point is to annoy me, not to hurt me.

Or, most likely, I'm putting far too much into this. It's just a virus, stupid me.

Fire drill soon, if Sloan's to be believed. Which he is, 'cause he's Sloan. I can't believe Sloan is retiring this year, it's insane.

Haven't used this icon in a while. Which I just typed as 'a mile'. Yeeeeeesh.

Am wanting to write a Tamora Pierce fic about the "third female page" (common type of fic in the TP zone on FFN). Told from the POV of a boy page who wanted to be a merchant, gosh darnit, but is an only child of a significant noble.

Jeez! Mr. Cornell's throwing Tootsie Rolls again! He has bad aim, and a strong arm. I need a helmet here!
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MST3K - fish

Stupid! Stupid!

I can't believe I decided to take a nap. I missed Hawaii! Damn it. I taped the Apprentice, and I woke up in time for Law & Order. But Hawaii! Gains, Edwards, my dears, are you alright?

Yeah. Pathetic. I know. Shush.
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MST3K - fish

Choice excerpts of Joss interview about Serenity:

How will you celebrate the final days shooting? Apart from sleeping.

Prayer. Contemplation, and possibly a violent crime spree.

Can you reveal one line of dialogue from the movie that you really like?

'We'll meet again, Spider-Man!' (Wait - which movie?)

Why should no-one miss Serenity?

Because it's exciting, funny, scary, surprising, involving and meaningful. At least, that's the plan. But even if I totally fail, the actors are brilliant and deeply pretty. Plus, hovercraft chase!

Andy, are you Joss Whedon in disguise? Because seriously, exact speech patterns yo.
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