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October 1st, 2004

MST3K - fish

Happy October! I've got a story idea.

"Isn’t it a wonderful world, where I can find a section on Assyro-Babylonian mythology in a book I randomly take off the library shelf? Why, who knows, I may be sitting upon a Hellmouth!"

That’s my reasoning behind my planned series, Aurora Borealis. In which my dear friend Jennifer is the Slayer, and I am quite miffed at it. Also, spoofing episode titles! Yay!

Instead of each episode title being a chapter, I think I’m going to make seven really long chapters, each title being a part within. (For reference, Troy and Tad are two characters I’m creating.)

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MST3K - fish

Movie news!


I did not want to go see a football movie just for Christian Kane. And I shall not! 'Sides, he's probably in more scenes in Taxi (freaking FBI agent, yo).

In other news, I hug the director of Alexander for making Alex the Great bi. And there's going to be love scenes! Yay! Between Colin Farrel and this guy!


Dear lord, WHEN are the Trio gonna get TV quest appearances?

Damn. Seems there's not a Taxi showing this weekend. Sad.