October 2nd, 2004

MST3K - fish


Harry Potter/LJ Crossover by Osaku
Eccentric Headmasterelixa
Best Friendremedysweet
Brainy Friendleevee_icons
School Enemyboogiefoo
Enemy Cronie #1kittenkrazy
Enemy Cronie #2magneticdonut
Runaway Godfatherutopian_stars
Greasy Potions Masterchaineddove
Annoying House Elfcassieloo
Dark Lordgeegermaine
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ANDY! I challenge you to duel! My brainy friend me will be my second!
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MST3K - fish


You are...J.D.
A.K.A. "The Dork"

Hello? Yoo-hoo! Hi! Say, have you been tested for Attention Deficit Disorder? You've got your head in the clouds, my friend, but it helps make you a more interesting person. Your friends may think you're a bit of a dork, and you may make the wrong decisions on occasion, but you're a sweet, happy person who's on the right track in life. You may want to hire a bodyguard, though...you're the type to attract stalkers.

Guess what? Andy got Elliot.
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MST3K - fish

SNL rules.

"That is not flip-flopping, that is pandering, and America deserves a president who knows the difference!"

I rest my case.
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