October 8th, 2004

MST3K - fish


The Apprentice was awesome yesterday. Mostly, Andy's mad tennis skillz.

Today we've got an assembly. Well, not we like me and my friends, we like the school. My friends and I will be going... uh, elsewhere. As per usual.

Note to self: Need to get a dress after school today. The dance is tomorrow.
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MST3K - fish

Halloweentown High

Oh man. I love what's-his-name, the councilman's son. He is hilarious.

Marnie: I would've thought you guys would've had the common sense to leave.
Councilman's son: Well, I tried, but my dad- *other girl hits him* I mean, I would never abandon you!

Of course, either he or Marnie's love interest are going to be evil, you know. Dangit all.
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MST3K - fish

Third, and final (hopefully) Halloweentown High post

Aw, I loved it.

Ethan, that's the kid's name!


Oh, hell, yes I am. Ethan could so grow up to be Ethan Rayne. Or something like with X-Men, with Cable and X-Man and... I'm going to shut up now.

In other news, Sophie grew up well! She looks nothing like she used to.

Another great line:
*Dylan and Natalie, a troll, start to kiss*
Natalie: *pulls back* Oh, ew, I just can't. It's too gross.
Dylan: Thank god. Friends?
Natalie: Friends.
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