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October 13th, 2004

MST3K - fish

(no subject)

http://www.upn.com/shows/veronica_mars/ is now updated with a new diary entry and eight new 'Ask Veronica's.

I especially like the last AV.
MST3K - fish

I swear I'll eventually make a real entry. Hah. You believed me?

Another pointless entry, because I'm so bored. Everyone ought to go to http://www.upn.com/Veronica_Mars , and should watch it on Tuesdays too. Because Veronica Mars? Is the perfect new obsession. Last night's episode had no less than three major plot lines (and a slightly more minor one), and it all hung together perfectly, with just enough time spent on each.

Not to mention, randomly singing Grease? Awesome. I love psycho Duncan.