October 15th, 2004

MST3K - fish


You are the crazed, American, gun-toting Claude K.
Winchester, a.k.a. Mr. K. You like what you do
because it's fun and you have no problem with
pointing a gun to someone's head. In fact,
it's a great way to get what you want! You
excel in blackmailing people and you like to
randomly shout things in another language

~*~Which Gravitation Character Are You?~*~
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Somehow... not surprised.

You're Hiro and Ayaka!
You're Hiro and Ayaka, deus ex machina
extraordinaire. Yours is a business
arrangement in the way of Tohma and Mika, but
Ayaka is *not* in love with Eiri and Hiro is
*not* in love with Shuuichi. Really. No lie.

Which Gravitation pairing are you?
brought to you by Quizilla
MST3K - fish

Programming is... not as much fun as I thought it would be.

Well, seems I have nowhere near the experise I thought in programming. Oh well. Except for an odd blip where 'teh' is showing up as 'loh', even though there's already a 'loh', it's working. Looks like crap, and there's no sound, but it works. Now I've got to make it fancy, something I really don't do well.

I am not the type of person who can make simple things look all spiffy and fancy; I am a type of person who can take the most complicated fancy things and make them simple. Not really understandable to other people, but still the bare facts. That's why I like charts and graphs and statistics: just the facts, none of that annoying clutter.
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