October 18th, 2004

MST3K - fish

Me being a moron, as per usual.

Why must I be a fan of the obscure pairings?

Where have all the Tony/Abby shippers gone? The Jordan/Garrett shippers? The... damnit, I've run out of pairings. Ah well.
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MST3K - fish

Return of the obscure shipper rant.

Damnit! Okay, I get the lack of Ocean's Eleven fics at all. I get it. I do. Really.

But of the few there are, how come only one is Rusty/Linus?

...yes, Matt Damon is hot. ...yes, Brad Pitt is hot. But I swear, that has nothing to do with my love of that pairing!

If you believed me, here's the most gullible award, y'all.

(Also: Ew, I think my dad just threw up. Yeah, no idea why I decided to tell you guys that.)
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MST3K - fish

Dude, don't be a geek...

OMG! (Yes, I did say that aloud.)

I just saw an icon that had an oriental dragon and then the text 'Share this dragon. If you do, lucky end for them and you'.

Mad freaking props if you know the reference.
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MST3K - fish


Second random in-joke icon of the night. Seriously y'all, what's the chance?

Saw an Animorphs icon. That was also a NaNo'04 icon.

People are now like me. This is a scary concept. I shall now retreat into my book about the psyche of violent offenders.
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