November 3rd, 2004

MST3K - fish

I'm supposed to make sense? SINCE WHEN?

Well, I'm hungry.

Everyone reading journal: And we care... why?

It's just very distracting. So there. Care.

In other news, if I find out that y'all haven't been watching Veronica Mars... You die. Andy's excused until next week, as I believe he's watching the MTV reruns because he's a Scrubs-whore.

Also: You! Love my icon! Or else!
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    The Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme. I know.
MST3K - fish

Colorado is just... weird.

"I don't think Coloradans want this state to fall off the edge politically." - From the news.

Screw that, this is Colorado. Let's worry about psychologically falling off the edge, shall we?

Also: There's a University of Denver High School. No joke. Colorado is freaking screwed up, I'm blaming the thin atmosphere, because there's no other explanation. I love my effed up state.
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    TLE - "Growing Up (Falling Down)"