November 11th, 2004

MST3K - fish

Proof positive.

That's it. I'm officially a media whore with the maturity of an eight year old.

I'm watching Conan, right? And it's on commercial, right? And a commercial for Saw comes on, right? And at the end, it says "See Saw", right?

And I freaking burst into laughter and laugh through the rest of the commercial break.

*slaps self* Upon hearing that the official V-Mars website has been updated: "Beauty!"
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MST3K - fish

It's morning and I'm.... hungry! Surprised, were you?


Conversations cross my mind/But nothing of the speaking kind

Yeah. Came up with a weird idea to make Veronica, Lilly, Weevil, and Logan mutants. Logan would talk to animals. No reason why, I just think it would be funny.

In other news: My mother was late waking me up this morning because she got a phone call from my Aunt Martha. My great-uncle Bobby's dead. Which is weird, because he and my Grandpa Jim (who died a while ago as well) were always the examples I used for the longevity of my family. That's not promising.
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