November 17th, 2004

MST3K - fish

Pain and TV. Mm, TV...

Oh god.

My toe hurts so bad. I'm so gonna have to leave the house at like, five, if I want to make the bus in the morning. 'Cos I am so going to be limping. I guess it's karma, my mother DID tell me not to lean back in this blasted chair, but who knew karma hurt SO BAD?

Other: So I'm watching "Meltdown", episode two in the two-parter JAG intro'ing NCIS, right? And there's this fairly cute Major dude who's going against Harm, right? He's also fairly familiar, so I look him up.


Anyway, something I forgot yesterday, at the end of this episode "Ice Queen", Gibbs arrests Harm for killing this lady who was possibly carrying Sergei's child (Sergei being Harm's half-brother).
Harm: "How long have you been doing this, Gibbs?"
Gibbs: "Nineteen years."
Harm: "So you can tell when a person's lying by looking at them, right?" *Gibbs nods* "Ask me."
Gibbs: "Alright. Would you kill for your brother?"
Harm: *stare*

Me: "I love me some Gibbs."
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