November 23rd, 2004

MST3K - fish

Lee's AKAs.

Dude, Jenn just opened this really freaky email her grandma sent her. It was awesome, me and Jenn both screamed. Thankfully, we're in Sloan's room and it's 6:45AM, so no one was around to notice but Sloan (and he wasn't paying attention).

So, today:
Geometry, aka "Lee attempts to write three essays so she doesn't fail Expos."
Assembly, aka "Lee and Jenn skip out to do Lord knows what else. If they can get away."
Free hour, aka "Lee finishes writing essays/copies summaries of sci-fi books and prints for extra credit in Science Fiction/reads fanfic."
Programming, aka "Lee does jack-all."
Lunch, aka "Lee's final school meal 'cos she wants to make some mula, yo!"
Japanese, aka "Lee zones out and fails the course."
Home, aka "Lee picks up her DVDs in front of the house at 3:30PM, watches one or two CSI episodes, and then switches from the DVD player to..."
Cable, aka "Lee watches two season two CSI episodes from 5 till 7."
CBS, aka "Lee watches NCIS and gets drooly over Michael Weatherly."
UPN, aka "Lee rejoyces and gives thanks for a new Veronica Mars episode (and drools over Jason Dohring)."
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MST3K - fish

Arms make great notepads. Really, they do!

So, I'm joining dodgeball.

Justin decided to form up a team, which consists of him, me, Nets, Jenn, Tom, and Casey. Well, it didn't originally consist of me, but I bullied 'em in to it. I'm a vicious brute when it comes to dodgeball (or, rather, to the retrieval and dodging of balls, I kind of suck at throwing).

Justin: "Now, we need to do some team-building excercises for dodgeball. First, naked Twister!"
Me: "Second, murder Tom!"
Justin: "Yeah, I'll bring the baseball bats!"
Me: "And I'll clean up the crime scene!"

Almost makes me wonder what would have happened had he asked me out back in eighth grade like he said he wanted to. This could just be because of the fact that he's only half as perverted as Tom, Zach, and the interchangable fourth guy at our table tend to be.

Things written on my left hand/arm currently:
- A faded reminder that Kevin and I are presenting on the anti view of the Ten Commandments in Sociology on December 7th.
- An equally faded reminder that I needed to write the Love, Competition, and Movies papers for Expository Writing.
- The end URL for an author page on Twisting the Hellmouth.
- The end URL for a story on Fanfiction.Net.
- The assembly schedule for today.
- The Dewey decimal number for forensic science books.

Anyway, in Programming today, we were watching a documentary on the making of Jurassic Park while working on our Flash mazes, and there's this odd sound. I'm thinking, "Hey, that sounds like the Buffy theme! It sounds like it's coming from a computer near me..." So I look around, trying to find the source. And yes, it was my cell phone. Jeez, did I feel like an idiot. Turns out it's Adam, Nets' little brother. She had tried calling him earlier, when we were walking to Albertson's, but he hadn't answered. And for some reason he thought Nets was Ainsley, which I guess is because he's sick or something.

Oh, and Tom says his sister's not on Judging Amy until next week. That means I can watch SVU tonight after V-Mars.
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MST3K - fish

Half-hour till I'm home with my CSI DVDs! (And I swear to god, if they ain't there...)

"And you figured, 'hey there's a bunch of intoxicated graveyard–shift CSIs and their lab techie. I'd better get pictures!'" Sara said.


"No really, because that's what I was thinking."
Insane... well, yes, but it's good too.

And let's have the happy (only not, 'cos of them being all worried about druggie!Donut) icon! 'Cos "Like a Virgin"'s on tonight! And we get to see one of Wallace-dear's sibs! I didn't even know he had sibs!