November 29th, 2004

MST3K - fish

I am such a *GEEK*

So, yeah. I'm all crime-geek decked out today, in my mad FBI shirt and International Spy Museum bag, and carrying my NYPD water bottle and three books that will ensure many rollings of the eyes: Hearse of a Different Color (a murder mystery in which the "detective" is a charming undertaker in D.C.); Anatomy of Motive (written by a famous FBI dude); and my ever-trusty Casebook of Forensic Detection.

What's that, a life? Yes, I think I've heard of those! Fascinating things really, let's poke them with something sharp.

Oh, and my geekiest moment last night:
[watching CSI episode]
"Hm, that pink-haired chick who possibly just left poor Lindsey fatherless sounds familiar and oh my god it's Abby! Abby's an even self-centered murdering pink haird person!"
[watching another CSI episode]
"Hey, that casino manager dude is kinda cute only really cute and he's familiar and oh my god it's Mr. Cross! I love you Cameron Daddo!"

Uh-huh. Best not to ask.

Then I watched Saved!. Good movie. Only slightly distracting since Mandy Moore looked a lot like my cousin Kirsten and Patrick basically WAS Zach. Wasn't just looked like, acted like, and went to a Christian high school like, WAS. Highly distracting.

But good.
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