December 11th, 2004

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Ender's Game: The Movie

So, I’ve been surfing around PhiloticWeb.Net, and there’s a thread where posters are chatting about how they’d love to be extras on the EG movie, and where they would be extras. So I paused to think.

Now, it’s generally agreed that they’ve moved the ages up. Ender will be nine, not six, so that pushes it up. So the basic ages would THEN be:
9 – Launchies
11 – Army kids
14/15 – Army commanders
16 – Leave Battle School
19 – Command School

So depending on when it’s shot (most approximate two years from now), I could so be in an army or at Command School. Awesome.

My casting, at the beginning of the movie:

Val (11): Dakota Fanning
Peter (13): Brandon Mauro - (he’s older now)
Ender (9): Gavin Fink -
Bean (8): Colton Shires -
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