December 16th, 2004

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So, I got a letter yesterday. Any guesses as to the contents?

It was a letter inviting me to the National Student Leadership Conference. The bad news: I have to maintain a B average to go. The good news: I have to maintain a B average to go. I did some figuring - and a ton of scheduling out make up homework over break. IF I do all the things I wrote for myself to do, then these are my projected semester grades:

Sociology: D or C
Science Fiction: A
Creative Writing: B or A
Expository Writing: B or A
Geometry: C or B
Intro to Programming: B or A
Japanese: F or D

Assuming that I get the lower grade for each, I'm screwed. Assuming I get the higher grade for each, I can go. Man, I hope I can go. That would be so much fun, and look beautiful on college applications. My mom says that if I get in ( I'd be doing the Intelligence and National Security program) I can do it AND the GWorkshop. Which would also look good on college applications. And be completely awesome.

Needless to say, I will be slightly incommunicado during winter break, as I'll be working my ass off with extra credit and make up work in an attempt to bring up grades, and maybe even studying some Japanese so I can pass the semester final and get a passing grade. Programming and Sociology are entirely up to chance, though, because Sociology has no extra credit or make up work, and Programming... ditto. And now I'm worried.

It feels nice to actually want something and to work towards it, though. Who knows, I may get good enough grades to have a chance of getting into the Stanford summer program (hey, THEY sent the letter).
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