December 23rd, 2004

MST3K - fish

It's that time again... No, not Christmas time you saps!

My personal picks for TA3 (The Apprentice 3, if you didn't know), based on the one paragraph of info released so far (my thanks to both and the TV Guide):

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Why: He's good looking, plus... APPLES! And archaeology! And theology and Latin! And law! He's like, so awesome.
The one word Mark Burnett uses to describe him: "Confident."
What I’ve learned from the postings on TWoP: I really need to quit picking people everyone else hates. But after reading that article of his, I have to say… I may not be a devout Christian or anything, but I agreed a lot with what he said. Not with his leaving out the word ‘to’ in one of the sentences, but… still.

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Why: In much the same way that I want one of my future children to be named ‘Alexander’, I want another to be named ‘Daniel’. And you know what? This guy is more interesting than, uh, everyone but Andy on season two.
The one word Mark Burnett uses to describe him: "Unique."
What I’ve learned from the postings on TWoP:Uh, not much. He’s not a big person to gossip on, except that they say he’s too cool for the show.

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Why: Again, good looking. Plus, he doesn’t seem like he’ll be aggravating like everyone else on the Street Smarts team (and before you all get worked up thinking I dislike people who don’t go to college, I’ll remind you that my father, the person I respect the most and who gets a very large salary, doesn’t even have a GED). Hell, he seems less aggravating than people on the Book Smarts team, too.
The one word Mark Burnett uses to describe him: "Amusing."
What I’ve learned from the postings on TWoP: Zip.

Who, me? Shallow? You bet your ass I am.
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MST3K - fish

NCIS, dawg.

My dad needs to quit making popcorn. It makes me want some, and then my fingers get all slimy from the butter. My Dark Angel season one DVDs arrived today, they were waiting for me when Dad and I got back from shopping for my mom. Anywho, I'm a watching NCIS, and it's hella good, yo.

"Yeah, okay. I'll get that APB out on the Lollipop Guild right away."
"Relax. When was the last time Gibbs was wrong about something? Discounting the whole 'marriage' thing, of course."
"Did I also mention that my plan has one tiny flaw?"

I love Tony.

Haha, McGee fell out of a window! That was funny.

Huh, looks like me Tony is wearing a shirt from his Baltimore days. Weird. And that little girl looks dang familiar. *goes to IMDb* Ah-HAH! She was in Princess Diaries 2 and that L&O:SVU episode! And is Spencer Breslin's little sister. Also: The HELL? Nick Warnock is in this episode? *brain go 'splody* And why does William Mapother look so damn familiar to me all the time, I haven't seen him in anything significant. Maybe the SVU episode HE was in. Man, can't remember.

Aw! Poor McGee! He's as freaked out as I am. And that little girl rocks. I swear.

"Team Abby. I'm the smart one."
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