January 5th, 2005

MST3K - fish

PSATs and a nice chianti.

So. The PSAT scores came in. I'm debating running down to consuling now to find out how I did and losing my computer in the media center, or staying on the computer for a while more before going down. It's hard to choose, especially since I also really want to finish this book I'm reading by Meg Cabot. It's pretty interesting, and the fact that it's told through e-mails, diary entires, IMs, phone messages, and incident reports doesn't even annoy me like that type of thing usually does.

It's a Wednesday, that means sixth hour is over at... 11:02, if I recollect correctly. So maybe I'll write a quick post-"Silence of the Lamb" VMars fic, because Leo is totally the most adorable cop ever. And damn hot, too.

Then I won't feel so bad, leaving the poor computer before the bell rings. Especially since I've got Programming next (granted, I'll totally be doing nothing but "Silence of the Lamb" icons, but still). And man, how much do I wish media center computers were equipped with Photoshop like all the other school computers? Oh well.

(And yes, I do think I'm clever for the title of this entry. So there.)
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MST3K - fish


You know, I was doing so well in this fandom. I was all set to love Veronica/Logan, or Logan/Lilly, or Logan/Weevil.

And then "Silence of the Lamb" comes around and I immediately go for what shall surely be the rarer pairings: Veronica/Leo and Logan/Mac. And Madison/Dick, of course, because they're perfectly evil for each other.

That being said, I so am going to write a fic in which Mac's bro, Madison's sis, and Wallace's bro are best buds. Crazy little middle schoolers/elementary schoolers/youngsters of indeterminate age!
MST3K - fish

PSAT scores

Well, I didn't do near as well as I thought I would, but I am a terribly arrogant human being, so that's okay.

My scores and the areas it says I need to improve.
Critical Reading: 69
Math: 65
- Recognizing patterns and equivalent forms
- Recognizing logical key words
Writing Skills: 66
- Recognizing improper pronoun use

See, I knew fanfiction would totally ruin me! My selection index is 200, and I don't know if that's good or bad. I'm in the 96th percentile for college-bound juniors, which is good. Most of the quick research I've done agrees that students with a selection index of 196 plus become Commended Students, which isn't going to look too bad on a college application, now is it folks?
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