January 10th, 2005

MST3K - fish

Damn. I repeat, damn.

Wednesday: Sociology, Science Fiction, and Creative Writing finals. School out at 12.45, and then a driving lesson with Coach Cooper.
Thursday: Expostitory Writing and Geometry finals. School out for me at 11.00.
Friday: Programming and Japanese II finals. School out at 11.00.

And do these people ever SHUT UP? Yes, we get it, anime is funny, haha. Do you need to shriek it for an entire half hour? God, I hope Kevin has Advil next hour, or I'm so dead. Since our nurse doesn't have any. "I'm sitting there reading the character descriptions, not like the character descriptions"? What the hell does that even MEAN?
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MST3K - fish

Well, this has been fun.

For each of your fandoms, name:

1. A character you absolutely worship
2. A character you like
3. A character you could give or take
4. A character you don't really care for
5. A character you'd like to spork

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