January 11th, 2005

MST3K - fish

School, school, school, and more school.

Damn, people, have you ever tried to do the announcements WITHOUT YELLING? Because Jesus, I was planning on using my hearing later on in life.

So, I've got a meeting with DiMatteo at 10:00. Less than a half hour. I hope I can convince her to let me drop Japanese II. And I'm going to have a bit of juggling to do as far as moving Psychology or Photography in order to fit in GT Seminar.

And now, since I took a break to surf around http://ncisspecialops.proboards29.com, less than ten minutes. I so hope she doesn't bring up the three F's I have (and probably am going to keep) or the way I got hauled into Dean Manning's office yesterday for carrying a pocket knife.

Pah, I can't concentrate. Maybe if she brings up that I'm failing Sci Fi and Creative Writing, I'll bring up the A I got for Expos. Which, when you think about it, is definately the more important class.

New NCIS and VMars tonight. And damn it, there's a volume button, moron in the iLab! We don't have to hear the freaking dings your computer makes every other minute!
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MST3K - fish

My new schedule

Well, I need to get a note from Sakakura before I can drop Japanese, but otherwise...

1 || Photography I || Hilf
2 || GT Seminar || Price
4 || Psychology || Bliven
5 || Geometry || Gomez
6 || Business Law I || Henry
7 || Relationships and Marriage || Hardy
8 || Japanese II || Sakakura

ETA: Oh, and guess what? Geometry and Psych are my only classes downstairs. That's right, EVERYTHING else is upstairs. And Business Law is over in the DECA hall, what with it being business and all. DECA hall scares me.