January 13th, 2005

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Geometry and Summer Camps. Does this count as a hobby?

I so totally rocked my Geometry final. I finished all 97 questions in about an hour, and only looked at my half-an-index-card notesheet twice! So awesome.

Summer Camps (i.e., ways I've found that'll give me something to do this summer):

  • http://www.crowcanyon.org/programs/high_school_field_school.html This is the one I want to do the mostest. Why? Because it's freaking awesome, people! The best part? No where on the application does it ask for a transcript. This is all about interest, not past performance! I suppose if my parents can't shell out for it/can't convince the courts to let me use some inheritance money for it, I could do the one-week program that's less than a thousand. But three weeks would be so much more in depth...
  • http://www.hyphenology.com/ Another interesting prospect. I mean, Greece! And some of the courses they're offering... Plus, gyros!
  • http://www.aave.com/
  • http://www.travelforteens.com/ Freaking cool! I'm thinking Ireland, mebbe London? Plus, it doesn't ask for ANY school information. Not even grade or anything! Meaning I'll probably be accepted, and grouped with other fifteen year olds! That never happens, not even at Girl Scout Camp!
  • http://www.paliadventures.com/ You know all those others that I was all "OHEMGEE, TOTALLY WANT" about? Forget 'em. THIS is the best of them all. Why, you ask? Because they have a 'Secret Agent' program. With, and I quote:
    (Ages 9-16) For the aspiring James Bond or XXX, Pali Adventures’ Secret Agent Camp teaches the tricks of the trade using ATVs, paintball games, stealth techniques and undercover maneuvers. This program encourages teamwork, critical thinking, problem solving skills & discipline. As an aspiring agent, you’ll develop self-confidence and a sense of personal achievement by learning evasive go-kart driving techniques, martial arts, coordinated rapid-room entries, and finding your way by reading the stars. You’ll also find out which plants can be used as food and medication, as well as how to ‘save the day’ with fascinating contraptions built from ordinary household items. Your skills will also be challenged on our ropes course, climbing wall and zip-line. And, if that’s not enough, get ready for paintball, paintball, and more paintball on ten acres of thrilling fields. If you’ve got the guts and are ready for some glory, Secret Agent Camp is for you.

    Basically? The camp equivalent of the International Spy Museum's duct-crawling. Also, listed among their activities? Fencing, archery, ATVs, paintball, target shooting, mini-bikes, go-karts, stunts... Everything! I am so totally in love. Sample sched: http://www.paliadventures.com/images/Sample_Schedule_Specialty.jpg My specialty will of course be Special Agent Camp, then my electives would probably be fencing and stunts, since most of the other stuff I want to do is part of Special Agent Camp. Maybe my mom will go for two sessions, and I could do Extreme Adventure or Hollywood Stunts, too!

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MST3K - fish

Tons of crap, yo.

Vertigo by U2

"The night is full of holes
Those bullets rip the sky
Of ink with gold
They twinkle as the boys play rock and roll"

In 2004 you partied so hard... you forgot how to count.

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