January 28th, 2005

MST3K - fish

Points for knowing what I'm talking about

Guess what my word of the day was?

bete noire \bet-NWAHR\, noun:
   Something  or  someone  particularly  detested  or  avoided; a

Hah, that's awesome. Especially since Reveille is the episode they're showing next Tuesday.

Numb3rs is on tonight, awesome!
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MST3K - fish

VMars and TWoPage.


I just ticked over from Channel Surfer to Video Archivist on TWoP! And hey, I joined TWoP over a year ago. And of course, 41% of my posts are in the Veronica Mars General Gabbery.

Whee! I'm happy now. 'Course, I'm also happy because of the beautiful pictures of "Russkie Business" that NeptuneSite posted up: http://neptunesite.com/russkiegallery1.htm
MST3K - fish

And this is from Mensa...

A 'Special Interest Group' for Generation Y Mensa types:

We’re here, and we will not be silent any longer. If you were born between 1976 and 1990 and are 20 or older, this SIG is for you. We are an online group and welcome Mensans from around the world. Here is to be a place to meet other Ms around your age, a means of planning activities, and a way to come up with anti-apathy strategies to those who think that Mensa is just a bunch of old people. No dues, fees, or newsletter, just your shining, um, faces.

Well, I didn't expect much. Not when Stanford has typos in summer letters they send out.