February 22nd, 2005

MST3K - fish

Rugby and VMARS

Wow, I am FREEZING. And I had to practically peel my cleats from my feet. But hey! We did a full-contact scrimmage today! Even if it was five versus five instead of fifteen versus fifteen like a real game would be. And I totally did two fouls, but neither were caught by Day, so I got off scot-free. Gooooood practice.

That being said, WATCH VERONICA MARS TONIGHT!!!!!!! For Buffy fans, there's Alyson Hannigan. For fans of everything that's good in the world, it's the best show there is - I'll go as far as to say EVER.

That's right, me, Ms. Buffy fanatic, is telling you that Veronica Mars is better than Buffy ever was. So you need to watch it. Now. Tonight. On UPN. Go.