February 25th, 2005

MST3K - fish

Man, I am such a geek.

So, my rugby team decided to rebel against their school because the school kinda hates them, so our team T-shirts? Are going to have skull-and-crossbones (with hearts for the eyes), instead of Highlands Ranch's falcon.

My first thought? "OMG, now we're the Pirates, like at NepHigh!"

A month with no VMars. I'm going to die.
MST3K - fish

Numb3rs is freaking awesome.


That was like, a total shout-out. Only, you know, not at all. But still!

So, on Numb3rs tonight, at the end, Charlie is telling Terry about how math is in everything. His weapon of choice? A flower. He points out the Fibonacci series bit, and then the Golden Ratio, and I jump up and shout "OH MY GOD, I WAS JUST READING ABOUT THAT!!!"

All the more reason for me to wrap my head around the rest of "Why Do Buses Come In Threes?" Which is my new favorite book, by far.
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