March 4th, 2005

MST3K - fish

Randomosity, yo. Dawg. Yo dawg. Dawg yo. Okay, shutting up now.

Roger Davies pic:
I may be turning Ravenclaw for that guy. And shuddup! I think he's cute! He's like... teen!Sean Maher, almost!

Why didn't anyone tell me that Law & Order: Trial By Jury's theme song is the L&O theme on steroids? Because seriously, steroids. Cool steroids, but steroids.

And boy, is it hard being a Criminal Intent fan on TWoP. Sigh. I love my Goren, but as Entertainment Weekly stated, he's a love-'im-or-hate-'im kinda guy. Oh, did I mention that I totally got Law & Order: Entertainment Weekly? Pretty cool, pretty cool.

I'm also developing a major crush on Salazar (not just because of the name - shuddup!). Yes, I have a thing for guys who whisper-speak, okay? And Hispanic guys, I think. Even if I can never tell if they're Hispanic, Italian, Native American, or just Euro-mutt (I once had a crush on a boy named Nick, and saw him every day for almost a year before I found out he was Hispanic. True story).