March 7th, 2005

MST3K - fish

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So, I'm splitting my time between reading Stargate slash fics and OOC Criminal Intent fics just because they mention Deakins. I need more Deakins fic, damn it! Feed my addiction!
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MST3K - fish


Trivia for The Great Gatsby (1974)
Originally, Truman Capote was the screenwriter, and his draft included making Nick a homosexual and Jordan Baker a vindictive lesbian.

Oh, like we all didn't totally get the 'Nick is gay' vibes from the book itself. Pssh. And as far as Jordan goes... uh, duh?
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MST3K - fish

Man, coming up with titles sucks.

Zach hung out for a bit at lunch today. He was tired, but still adorable. And he's growing his hair out again (right now it's at that length that looks a bit like a elementary school boy who's gone a bit without a haircut. But yay to Zach growing out the softest hair known to mankind!

Other news:
It's seeming ever more likely that I'll be in some form of alternative schooling next year, as opposed to sticking around at Smoky. On one hand, sad, since I won't be able to take my two AP courses and my honors course, but on the other hand, yay, because the two schools we're looking at right now? One is a school specifically for those with learning disabilities like ADD and underachievers and low self esteem types and stuff, and the other is this "democratic" school where you learn what you want to. Which would be cool, if they had a lab. I forget if they do, although I do seem to remember them having a darkroom, which wouldn't be too bad.