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March 16th, 2005

MST3K - fish


Ow. Owowowowowow. Also, ow.

So, our first real game? Fun. We lost - and the other team were being asses and cursing every other second, but it was fun.

Man, I can't quit coughing. And I've got mud caked on to my knees, and there are at least two injuries that I know are going to hurt bad tomorrow: I got hit in the face, and early in the first half, during a ruck, I fell onto someone's cleat, so my back's going to hurt. But I am elated anyway.
MST3K - fish

*falls over laughing*

tick_ added another meme to their journal. GOD I HATE THAT!!!1!one!

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I am so upset! the other day at work sucked.

And also mom was totally unfair to me Thursday and now I have to do chores instead of going to the movies with people :-(.

What sucks is that Why does deleteyourself keep posting images in their journal?! I keep telling them I'm on a modem! I'm going to unfriend them to teach them a lesson!!!!!!!!!!

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Haha, that's awesome.
MST3K - fish

I like quizzes...

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MST3K - fish

One of the better books I've read

Coming from a rabid cosumer, even: http://thegospelaccordingtolarry.com/