March 21st, 2005

MST3K - fish

Life? WHAZZAT? Aka, personality and CSI and Russian candy

One of those email personality tests. Purty interesting.

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I love the music for this episode of CSI, "Snuff". The scene when they're trying to find the room the girl was killed in. It reminds me of... something.

And hey, it's Poor Man's Christian Kane! Wonder what his name is.

"See you're learning to cook for yourself."
"Had to, Terri, heard you were married. Not to a criminalist, I hope?"
"Hah, no, what am I, stupid?"

Eh, "Blood Lust" is up next. The kid creeps me out. And it was kinda sad.

"I am the one who called y'all, remember?" I like her.

And to anyone who cares: I'm writing an essay for Relationships and Marriage, currently entitled "Contract Work: CSI as Relationship". And it starts off terribly professional, too.

And we visited the Russian shop next to Dr. Ver Meer's, and they had tons of awesome candy, and I got a bunch, and it all tastes like apple sauce! WHOO!
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