March 29th, 2005

MST3K - fish

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Updating from wonderous middle-o'-nowhere New Jersey.

So far, I've been... here, another middle-o'-nowhere NJ place, and all over Pennsylvania. Penn State is kinda awesome.

Anyway, the wireless likes to disappear every now and then, so I won't make this to long. Just so y'all know why I'm incommunicado.

And, oh, I met two of my new step-cousins, Nico and Russel. Nico's third birthday was on Easter, and he's the most adorable little thing EVER. Except maybe for Campden. Or Colin. Oh, all little kids are CUTE! Russel? He's me. At age twelve, if I was a twelve year old in fifth grade who was obsessed with reptiles, anyway.

Haha, Law & Order's on a "mothers are teh ebil!11!" kick again. Love it.