April 3rd, 2005

MST3K - fish

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So, I finally quit puking up my guts - Mum says it was thanks to a bug she had a couple of days ago, I'm pretty certain it was because of my schedule on Friday: get up, three hour car drive to NYC, three hour boat tour, two hour car drive to airport, four hour flight, trip on the train thingie at DIA, then car trip home.

Then I log on to wondermous LJ and find out that surprise, I get to surf 600 entries back on my friends list! Argh. Oh well, at least I got to read marsinvestigations.net's interview with Michael Muhney, who is way too cute to be evil.

Anyway, this past week's Veronica Mars, NCIS, and CSI? All rocked. Even if I had to watch them while enduring inane chitchat between my mother and grandmother. Ah, old people.

New: My mother just decided to take the opportunity to bitch at me about my grades and about how I never do anything. And now she's bitching to someone, probably Aunt Martha, on the phone, about everything I ever do and everything my dad does, as usual. But now I'm bored with talking about that 'cause she's gone into sulking stage and I've been reading things, so my anger drifted away on the wind...

Erg. I seriously need a shower. But there's only twenty minutes before Criminal Intent, and I missed last week's! And I have never been able to take a shower in under a half hour. Never. Maybe if I pop in really quick and just wash my hair... Oh, bugger.
MST3K - fish


Proof of my geekiness: I just Googled "Amelia DeLongpre" + "Abel Koontz".

Alas, only results were from futoncritic, NeptuneSite, and some local UPN affiliate. Ah, alas.

EDIT: Also, I must get Sports Utility Vehicle s1 on DVD. Not for Benson or Stabler - hell, not even really for Munch! But for the wonder that was Brian Cassidy. That one episode, the one at the college with basketball folks? He was freaking hilarious. Sadly, it be one of the few s1 episodes which TWoP? Did not recap. Le sigh. I would have loved to see the reaction to Cassidy's "Yo bitch" speech. Because that was a thing of beauty.

I blame jetblue and their DirecTV. I watched how many repeats of SVU on that stupid plane trip? Jeez.

(And yes, my icon happens to be a joke within a joke.)