April 4th, 2005

MST3K - fish


Stupid Colorado. I have to breathe, like, twice as much as normal thanks to our stupid thin air. Stupid.

Also? Finn is so right. "God it's early", indeed. Stupid school. Stupid sun. Stupid mom-watching-TV-until-three-so-I-couldn't-sleep.
MST3K - fish

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According to one passage of the Bible (according to a "the Bible says homosexuality is evil" article I just read), not only can no homosexual "enter the kingdom of God", but also no one who says something bad about other people.

Well. Seems like we're all going to hell.
MST3K - fish


I should be sleeping/'stead of keeping/these late hours I've been keeping/I've been tracin'/and erasin'/every step of every move/and even though I'm feelin' so right/I'm so happy/still I know/I should be sleepin'/'stead of dreamin'/about you.

Right. There's evidence right there (or should that be 'Right Thurr' by current Teenager? Hmm) of how much I need sleep. Or do I need to bring out the old Lumos parody? DO I? 'Cause I will. You freaking know I will.

There. Are you happy? I'm cycling through my ancient entries to dig it up. I hope you're all proud of yourselves.

...and look, I'm distracted. I totally called the cancellation of Hawaii. And then there's Cassie and my's (mine? Who knows) AIM convo about the MTV movie awards in which I proudly proclaim "JOHNNY BEAT JESUS!" And then there's that one fic I wrote for some ficathon or another in which I blather on endlessly about street names and store layouts. Hah.

And then came my endless weird quotes from random TV, such as "Everyone's wearing his clothes except for him!" and "Jessica, you be careful! Dead or alive, that man's dangerous!" And my OWN quote of "I'm going to go cry. And then make an icon."

Oh, I love my entries from way back. Back when there was a Whedonverse on the small screen.

ALSO! You RL folks who I don't know solely from my geeky pursuits! I need your help! Any word I use you don't understand? Ask me! I'm thinking of putting together a Lexicon de los Lee (yeah, I have no idea what 'de los' means, I got a C in Spanish).

And ph33r the egg cup, yo.
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