April 12th, 2005

MST3K - fish

Deranged hunger-induced ramblings. Aka, more of the same.

Haha, I feel incredibly stupid. I totally forgot that Price cancelled Seminar 'cause she's in Disneyland. Which means, yay, computer time! Also means yay, I have time to do all that research crap for my World Religions Socratic on the Death Penalty. Since all I did before was look up stats, not actually arguments. And somehow "Well, see, Shirley Bellinger, in this one Oz episode..." doesn't much count. At all.

Haha, I'm such a loser, too, I've got seven books in my bag. Two Angel books, the Hearse You Came In On, murder^2, Dog Eat Dog, Surviving in Prison, and Children in Prison.

Yeah, I've switched from my forensics kick onto a prison kick. Ain't no thang. (What the hell does THAT mean, anyway?) I'm still royally pissed at how long it's taking for my seasons 1-3 to get their asses shipped. I want 'em I want 'em I want 'em I want 'em!!!

And amen, Finn. It IS early.
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MST3K - fish

Interesting things I've learned while (gasp) studying:


Colorado allows the death penalty as an option in the following cases:

first-degree murder
kidnapping resulting in the death of the victim
felony murder

The sentence is death by lethal injection.

Minimum age for death penalty: 18

Colorado forbids the execution of the mentally retarded.

Executions 1930-1976: 47

Executions since 1977: 1

I'm proud of my state. If you're going to have the death penalty, at least make it sensible, and not some shit where they'll let you hang a mentally retarted sixteen year old, right?
MST3K - fish

Zombies, Rugby, and Ehnsis.

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Haha. Bummer.

And now, NCIS. Which I do, on occasion, pronounce as "ehn-sis". If I'm lazy.

Rugby was sort-of cancelled today, because we have to practice in a park, and said park is covered with about a foot of snow. So we had a team meeting, and are now the Highlands Ranch Girls Rugby Club, no 'high school' crap, because they're costing us more than they're giving us. Amen. Also, we're probably going to have the Summit girls (they didn't have enough folks for a team, and so disbanded this year) to join us, cause even with Northside, we ain't got enough for Nationals. Since some of the girls on my team can't play on Sundays (religion thing).

Anyway. Ehnsis.

(It's kinda funny that COD can mean both Cash On Demand and Cause of Death.)
MST3K - fish

God, I am so fecking weird.

Take the title or first sentence from all of your past 20 LJ entries and put them into a sentence. You can slightly modify punction to fuse sentences if you wish.

According to one passage of the Bible, EGGGGGGGGGGGGG CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUP! Why do people at my school reek so bad? OMGANKLEBITERAAAAAH! Oh JTT, why does TWoP hate thee so? Most of these are non-brainers if you've been paying attention to my rants... Oz rocks in at least seven different ways. I've watched even MORE episodes of Oz! I am so fecking tired. Blah blah lost both games I played blah blah Sevens fucking rocks blah blah I need more Oz blah. I'm torn. "And in sports news, God hates golf too!" Of course, when I retook it, I came out as Vern. My mom: "Hey, on PBS, Rick Stevens is doing a tour of Germany." SNOW DAY!!! Yes, I AM using my LJ as a bookmarking service again, so? Haha, I feel incredibly stupid. Colorado allows the death penalty as an option in the following cases: Zombies, Rugby, and Ehnsis. JTT is EVIL!!!!